Posted by: zerofreedom | October 30, 2008

Changing CID UP and DOWN

Okay all.
Heres a simple tutorial for changing your CID.

Changing up is easy. Down not so easy.

CID’s – 36 (old) 49 (old) 50 (mainly w810) 51, 52, 53 and now there is CID 80/81.

Changing up.
There are various ways of doing this.
1. SEUS. – This is simple and endorsed by SE. It will update you to the latest FW version and latest CID (usually 53) available for your handset. Most people will not want CID53 as its fairly useless for modding and home flashing. For this you want CID 52 or lower (CID 50 aint too good either…)

2. Connect your handset to XS++3.1 – If your handset is supported and its not CID 52 then the program will automatically ask you if you want to update to CID 52. Click yes and the program does all the work. Simple as that!!!!

Changing down.
Okay, This is slightly harder and will require a paid solution. I used D-Ultimate unlocker. Credit will cost you about £18 altho you can use it multiple times.
Follow the procedure outlined below.
1. Download and install the program (available from CLICK HERE)
2. Input your user name and password on the settings tab from within the program and click save.
3. On the job tab select your handset and what you want to do with the handset. I had a CID 53 K770i locked and vandalized by vodapoo so I selected direct unlock and change CID to 52.
4. Connect your phone holding 2+5 and the program should do the rest. It will ask you to disconnect and reconnect several times.
5. Voila – Unlocked and downgraded CID!

I had a problem getting it to run, but then realized I had old USB flash drivers installed. You need version 2 or above for the software to work!

And iv been able to mod and customize using xs++ following the procedure. I’ll keep my credits for use on further handsets!!

good luck!


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