Posted by: zerofreedom | October 30, 2008


elfpack v1.0 (с) Hussein & Co

k750,w700,w800: create “ZBin“,”Config” and “Daemons” folders inside “other” before install

w810,z550: create “ZBin” in “other” and then “Config” + “Daemons” in “ZBin” before install

elfpack has been made for only these phones and only these FW versions. it will be released for some other phones later (if any experienced phone’s owners will help).

download archive for your phone/fw. archive contains 3 files: functions library, file with constants, elfpack.
put “DYN_CONST.bin” into “Config” (phone memory!)
install elfpack and elflib.

put elf’s into “ZBin“.
put into “Daemons” folder (flashcard!) those elf’s which should be autostarted when a phone turns on.

ScreenShooter.elf – saves screenshot to “pitcures” when “music” button is pressed. press “power” button short to disable screenshooter (doesn’t workn in imageviewer/videoplayer).
StatusRowClock.elf – clock near the battery indicator.
minute_ticker999.elf – daemon required for statusrowclock. put it to “Daemons” folder (flashcard).

note: don’t forget to edit ElfPack_v10.vkp if you have “total graphics replacement” patch installed

elfpack sources: svn://
svn http mirror:
latest libs:
svn newsfeed:
several autocompiled elfs:

latest elfloaders:


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