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Tutorial Install Elfpack

First of all : What are elfs??
Elfs are standard unix binary executable files (like windows .exe). Every program is distributed like independent file. It’s possible to run elf files on Sony Ericsson phones.

Their benefits of Elf files over Java(apps and games) include:

* Speed
* Ability to use all phone resources (processor instructions, ram, etc.)
* Ability to do whatever you want laugh.gif

The program is directly using the processor and memory resources, without any virtual machine limitations. In other words – ELF programs are faster programs.

If you want extreme detail then check this:

The Installation Guide:

Create 2 folders “ZBin” and “Config” in “Other” ( in phonememory) and a folder “Daemons” in “Other” (in memory stick).
Put the “DYN_CONST.bin” file in the “Config” folder ( in phone memory).
Put all elfs in the “ZBin” folder ( in phone memory).
Put those elfs in “Daemons” folder”(in memory stick) which you want to start with your phone(they’l start when your phone turns on) .

Create a folder “ZBin” in “Other“( in phone memory and also in memory stick) and then a folder “Config“( in “ZBin” in phone memory) and another folder “Daemons” (in “ZBin”in memory stick).
Put the “DYN_CONST.bin” file in “Config” folder ( in ZBin in phone memory).
Put all elfs in the “ZBin” folder (phone memory).
Put those elfs in “Daemons” folder”(in memory stick) which you want to start with your phone(they’l start when your phone turns on) .

Create a folder named “Daemons” and a folder named “zbin in “Other” in the memorycard.
Create two folders in “Other” in phonememory named: “zbin” and “Config
Put elfs into “zbin” in phonememory or the memorystick(your choice)
Put those elfs in “Daemons” which you want to start with your phone(they’l start when your phone turns on) .
Put the “DYN_CONST.bin” file in “Config

Make a folder “zbin” in “Other” in phonememory.
Now make a folder “Config” in “zbin“.
Also, make a folder named “Daemons” in “Other” in phonememory.
Put all elfs in “zbin
Put those elfs in “Daemons” which you want to start with your phone(they’l start when your phone turns on) .


Put all .ini files(that you get with some elfs)in phonememory/Other/ini(you have to make the folder if it doesnt exist)
Put all .cfg files(that you get with some elfs) in “Config

After this, install the two given patches(elfpack and elf lib) with SEtool2 Lite/SEFP/JDFlasher

For those elfpacks which dont have a DYN_CONST.bin, just install the two given patches.

Don’t install them with GFlash as there’s a possibiblity of errors!

Also, tpa/user/Other means Phonememory/Other
and card/Other means Memorystick/Other

If anyone wants a tutorial for a certain elf, just request it here!!

You can get elfs here:…074&hl=elfs…l?cau2=403tNull

DB2020 elfs:…932&hl=elfs

W850i elfs:

W610i elfs:

W580i elfs:…6&Itemid=26…Elves_Pack.html

*Elf of the Week* ~ BookManager 2.5 / 2.6 ~
Copyright © 2007-2008 Hussein
*Respect IronMaster,KreN* (Tutorial Included)



W200 R4HA014 elfpack :
W300 R4EA031 elfpack :…
K600 R2BB001 elfpack :
K750 R1CA021 elfpack :…st&id=13349
W700 R1CA021 elfpack :…st&id=13350
W800 R1BD001 elfpack :…st&id=13351
W810 R4EA031 elfpack :…st&id=13352
Z530 R6DA001 elfpack :
Z550 R6CA009 elfpack :…st&id=13353
Z610 R6DA001 elfpack :
W550 R4CB020 elfpack :
W600 R7CA017 elfpack :…p;postcount=177
W580 R8BA024 elfpack :…042008.rar.html
W610 R6BC002 elfpack :
W610 R8BA024 elfpack :
W660 R8BB001 elfpack :…st&id=22503
W660 R6AD001 elfpack :…6AD001.rar.html
W710 R1JC002 elfpack :
W830 R1KG001 elfpack : (with DYN_CONST.bin)
W850 R1KG001 elfpack :…ibrary.rar.html
W880 R8BA024 elfpack :
K770 R8BA024 elfpack :
K790 R8BF003 elfpack :
K800 R8BF003 elfpack :…
K810 R8BA024 elfpack :…

A brilliant tutorial for creating elfpacks by kirpeace :

Keys that invoke elfs(awesome guide by aries77):…&hl=elfpack

WizaJ’s Quest on convincing people to port lib functions(might just happen tongue.gif ):

Latest elf libraries here:

Latest DYN_CONST.bin files:(W700, W800, K750, W810, Z550)…ONST_files.html

Interesting ideas for new elfs(list compiled by Ciante):

Be sure to update your libraries from time to time.

Again, if anyone wants a tutorial for a certain elf, just request it here!!

If there are mistakes here please do point them out!!

Credits to me for creating absolutely nothing here tongue.gif ( but i wouldnt mind a lil thanks for the tutorial and all laugh.gif )

Note: Only use the elfpack for your phone AND firmware Otherwise all you’l get is a dead phone. If the elfpack is not available for your firmware, quit whining and flash to the required firmware and STOP spamming the developers with requests for the elfpack for your firmware. They’re people too and they also have lives.



  1. Mas, cara ngganti joystick K700 gampang gak y? harga joystick brpan kira2? Mahal mana antara pasang sndiri dgn dibawa ke bengkel? 😀

  2. tutorialnya ada di

  3. nice post om….

    sayangnya gw ga make soner

    jadi ga bisa prakter……

  4. ctrl+d dulu mas


  6. wah pejantan aja manggil mas…aku manggil pak dhe deh
    pak dhe..cara ganti hape gprs biar bisa 3G gmana ?

  7. @mbah noufalz …….
    coba aja bawa ke counter ….. trus bilang sama mba yg jaga counter “mba tuker tambah donk hp gprs ama 3g ……! “

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  10. Hotfile,Rapidshare,Megaupload free premium user download :

  11. mas, hp w700 saya kok abis diinstal/dipatch ga’ bisa load/blink.
    jadi ga’ bisa instal elfpack dan elf lib, solusinya bagaimana?

  12. kalo itu harus di flash main + fs nya bro

  13. bro kalo ganti softkey pake image gmna ya ?
    saya pake k610@w660

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