Posted by: zerofreedom | November 16, 2008

Convert your K310 to W200

Tutorial K310@W200
by Xtephan (Spanish version)
Translated to English by fedlerner

This has been test by many Spanish users (including me) and it works 100%.
The only things that you don’t get from the W200 are: Radio and Memory stick.
There’s only one problem with the volume. The W200 has another volume button at the right of the phone. So you aren’t able to low down the sound. If you want to reset it, you can turn off the phone, and then turn it on, and it will be in volume 5 again. (Some Spanish users are working in a Patch, so we’ll soon have a patch to change the volume buttons).

This tutorial creates it by virtue of post of billnick:

questions or doubts on this subject is discutiran here:

USERS of the K310: I have managed to turn a K310 a W200

In this post it is quite clear like making the conversion for somebody familiarized with the Flasheo, but he does not stop any user, so this tutorial is for users mean level.

If you are usuary of advanced level, with post of billnick he will be enough you to make the conversion.

Result (All tested):
A. The phone will get 26MB of memory (Real)
B. The cam works perfectly (difference from the conversion K310@K510)
C. You gain the Walkman option
D. You gain the Flash Lite Menus

1. Download the following files:
A. setool2lite
B. W200_R4HA014_FS_AMERICA_2_RED52
D. Melinda_Generic_CDA102737_107_R1A_GENERIC_AMERICA_ 2

2. Backup ALL your phone information (Images, Videos, Contacts, Notes, etc.).
When we convert it, we will lose all the data.

Que Hacer:
1. Uncompress
(this one in a new folder)

2. Enter the folder where we uncompressedSEetool2” and excecute “setool2lt.exe

3. Take out the battery and the phone sim card, then put the battery.

A. In “Phone Type” put the first in the list (K310)
B. Click in “Read GDFS
C.Press C in our phone and connect the USB cable.

A. Unplug the cable from the phone, take out the battery and put it again.
B. Press “Ready
C. It will ask you to press the C button again and connect the USB cable, after 3 minutes (aprox) it will create a file in the SeTool folder, with the name “GDFS_xxx.bin” (This is our GDFS backup)
D. Unplug the USB cable, take out and put the battery.

A. In Files, click in ADD and we load the W200 FS
B. In MISC files the Custom (CDA)
C. Click in FLASH.
D. Again, a window like in the picture 2 will appear, we unplug the phone, take the battery, and put it again, and press “READY“. Then, we press the C button of our phone and plug the USB cable.

7. After 4 min (aprox.) the message READY will appear, we unplug the USB cable and take off and put again the battery.

8. We press CLEAR

A. In FILES, click in ADD and we load the W200 MAIN.
B. Click in FLASH.
C. Press C y connect the USB cable, after a couple of seconds (same as before), the message “DETACH CABLE FROM PHONE…” appears. We unplug the phone, take out and put the battery again and we click in READY. It will ask us again to press C and plug the USB cable.

10. We unplug the USB cable, take out the battery, put our simcard, put the battery, turn the phone on… and that’s it!



  1. At step 1 when i try to connnect the phone(holding c button) after clicking read gdfs……….nothing happens for a while and then file transfer window arises………………….plz help me……atleast teach me how to get 26mb memory……………..

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